Natural Science Technology Center


Urban Agriculture and Hydroponics
Are you concerned about knowing where food comes from and helping to provide your community with organic sustainable food sources? Urban Agriculture and Hydroponics will allow you to engage in experiential learning opportunities like poultry farming for meat and egg production, dairy goat farming for milk production, bee farming for honey production and aquaculture for raising consumable fish. You will be qualified for employment in diverse fields including greenhouse management, small-livestock management and hydroponic vegetable production.

Wildlife and Sustainability
Environmentally concerned students will find careers in Natural Resources very rewarding. You can be directly involved with managing and protecting the earth's environment. You can make an impact on protecting wildlife and educating the public. You can have fun promoting and training others in outdoor recreation endeavors.

Animal Science
Toledo's pet animal industry is diverse and offers ample opportunity for a student who wishes to work with animals. Hands-on experience is a must for anyone who desires employment in this area. Through our school pet shop and grooming salon you will gain a broad base of experience and knowledge providing you with an edge in the employment market.